My name is Megan, I am a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics,

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Megan’s Story:


Megan is an incredibly powerful vaulter.

“When I first started I learned how to do forward rolls and cartwheels and backwards rolls, and I would do them all around the house, my Mom would get a little bit cranky!” -Megan


Megan started gymnastics because a friend of the family was also starting at the time, and they thought it would be fun to take classes together. Seeing the one of Emeth’s owners, Miss Heather, jump over another coach at her first class made her laugh, and that was only the beginning of the fun. But it’s not just fun that has kept Megan going at Emeth.

As Megan continued to improve her skills and advance she learned there was a lot more to gymnastics, like perseverance, confidence, and patience. As she has worked each skill time and again, she has also developed true character that spills into the rest of her life and who she is.

“Megan is one of our Champions at Emeth, her determination and confidence are a perfect example of what Emeth coaches strive to build into boys and girls as they become men and women.” –Heather Leshovsky, Owner and Coach.



Build a championMegan is now a level 7 competitive gymnast. She works hard without complaining no matter what. She has a good attitude all the time, whether it’s 100 degrees outside, even if she is sore or if she’s having a “perfect practice.” -if there is such thing as a perfect practice!


“Megan is an incredibly powerful vaulter, you would not want to be hit by her while she is running down the vault runway!” -Miss Nikki, one of Megan’s coaches.

Megan is a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics

Megan is just one of the real stories of why Emeth exists. Spending time with kids and training both their bodies and minds for life is what our coaches do best!


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Megan’s  image shot by New Direction Photography

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