gymnasts“One of the things I’ve learned at Emeth is confidence. When I started going to Emeth, I was afraid to learn a lot of new skills because I wasn’t sure if I would fall or fail…”Listen to David

As parents, it is so wonderful to see that David now has goals. He is so excited to work hard…

David’s Story:

David started gymnastics at Emeth about 2 years ago. But gymnastics has become more than just a sport to him, its changed his life. In the words of his mom and dad,

“David was always one to ‘dabble’ in sports and hobbies. He would enjoy them, but never found anything that inspired him to go above and beyond. Now that he has found gymnastics, not a day goes by that he doesn’t express that he wished he could be at the gym… The child who was never inspired has now come up with a hand signal that means he wants me to video record him using my iPhone during practice or open gym…”

David on high bar

David won 7 medals at his state competition last month

“David has always done ok in school, but he was fine with being an average student. He would do what he had to do to get by, just enough for teachers and parents to stay off his back. When he asked to take on a second class, we told him that we would agree to pay for a second class if we saw more effort at school. We needed to know that extra gym time wasn’t going to hurt his grades. With 3 days of that conversation each of his teachers mentioned to us that they were so impressed by the academic efforts they were seeing by David. He has sustained those efforts for the past month. The day after you told the boys that they would be able to compete starting in February, two of David’s teachers commented that they are seeing a self confidence in David that they hadn’t seen before.”

“As parents, it is so wonderful to see that David now has goals. He is so excited to work hard and hopefully make the boys team at Emeth someday. His new life plan now includes ‘getting a gymnastics scholarship to a college with a good engineering program.’At nine, we can’t believe he has any plans at all.”

“So we want to thank you for all your time, effort, genuine interest, and positive interaction with David and all of the boys in your classes.”

“You are really in the business of shaping character and guiding the attitudes and choices of each of these young men..”


–Mike and Mandi Matchinga


“David has been competing as a part of the Emeth boys team this year and won 7 medals his state meet in Columbus. He placed 8th All Around on his 6 events. David is indeed a champion at Emeth Gymnastics and in life.” –Judah Arnold (David’s Coach)

David is a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics


Read the whole letter from David’s parents, Mike and Mandi:

Letter to Mr Judah

Letter to from David’s parents

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