Jim, Heather and Zeke

Jim and Heather founded Emeth Gymnastics and its mission of “Building True Character Through Gymnastics”.

Owner & Program Director

Jim and his wife Heather are the owners of Emeth Gymnastics. When he was young, Jim participated in recreational gymnastics. He also competed for his high school gymnastics team as a freshman in Minnesota. Unfortunately, that was the final year that men’s gymnastics was offered at Jim’s high school. Jim’s favorite event as an athlete was vault.

Jim has been a teacher and coach at Emeth for seven years. He teaches the Minilights, Spotlights, Highlights, Sparklers, homeschool girls’ classes, Beginner Tumbling 1 and 2, and Advanced Tumbling. In addition, Jim coaches levels 3 – 8 of the Emeth girls’ team as well as all levels of the Excel teams.

When asked about his favorite part of being a coach at Emeth, Jim replied, “I enjoy being able to build character in all ages of kids.” Jim wants his athletes to have confidence and know that he will always love them and be there for them regardless of how they perform in gymnastics or what choices they make in life.



Jim and his wrestling team

Can you see Jim?

Most people don’t know that Jim was also a wrestler. He began wrestling at age three. In 1990, he qualified for the state tournament as an individual wrestler. In 1989, 1990, and 1991, Jim’s high school team also qualified for the state tournament. Jim spends as much of his free time as he can with his wife Heather and son Zeke. He makes amazing omelets and German pancakes. Jim also enjoys goose and duck hunting.



Jim 2

Jim has extensive experience and is a USAG member.

Jim is a safety-certified Professional Member of USA Gymnastics and has extensive experience! Following high school, he coached for 15 years in Minnesota. His coaching there included working at Twin City Twisters Gymnastics Club as well as being head and assistant coach for 6 different high school teams in the area. He worked as a coach for Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp the summers of 1993 and 1994. He also operated Alexandria Twisters, a branch club for Twin City Twisters, for one year.

Jim’s coaching in Minnesota included all levels of preschool and recreational classes, as well as competitive girls teams and trampoline and tumbling teams. As Trampoline and Tumbling head coach for Twin City Twisters, Jim took one gymnast to T&T Nationals the first year, and took 10 gymnasts to T&T Nationals the second year. Jim’s coaching certifications include KAT certification (Kinder Accreditation for Teachers) and PDP Level 1 and 2 Accreditation. Jim’s expertise has brought huge growth and quality to the Emeth program with the many years of experience that he has. Jim also regularly attends USAG training and congresses at the State, Regional, and National levels.

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