Progressional classes are getting longer! (SEP 11)

We are excited to announce we are lengthening most progressional levels starting September 11.

Why Longer Classes?


Gymnastics, like many sports, requires a lot of practice to reach towards your potential! Our continued commitment to investing in your family and helping your child succeed have brought us to this decision of increasing the length of most class levels. More time in the gym added up over weeks and months will make a significant difference in how your child progresses towards their goals! Some of our levels will be adding over 50% more time. Imagine how that will add up over a year’s worth of practice!

Example: Currently a Moonlight practices 50 hours in a year; our new schedule will give them 79 hours. That’s 29 additional hours!


A critical part of our Emeth mission of Building True Character is worked out through strong relationships between you, your student and your coach. Longer classes mean your child spends more time with their coach, which means your coach can invest more time and focus on your family.


We know it is a time and financial commitment to have your child at Emeth! This change will increase those amounts. We believe that the change will better match the effort it takes for you to add Emeth to your schedule each week. These increases will actually result in most people paying less per hour for your time in the gym.


The time changes we are implementing have been designed to help use our gym space more efficiently! They also add new practice rotations for certain levels (example: Moonlights will now have a full vault rotation). The quality of your student’s training is closely tied to how organized our gym schedule is. These changes increase the order of our gym space.

What about my schedule?

Making these improvements to our program requires us to adjust most class times. We know this can be difficult for you and your family, and we don’t take that lightly! Our goal is to make the transition smooth and clear for you.

All new changes go into effect the week of September 11.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. We are posting the class changes for you to review.
  2. We will schedule your enrollment(s) to transfer to your new adjusted class time.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation (to whatever email address you have provided for our file) with the details of your new schedule.
  4. We will give out paper handouts with your schedule details the week(s) before your new schedule goes into effect.

***If the new class schedule you are transferred into does not work well for you, please contact our Welcome Team and we will do our best to find a better time for you!

Summary of Level Changes

Below is a summary of the changes that are happening to each of our progressional levels.

Level:Current Duration# of rotationsNew Duration# of rotationsEventsOld priceNew price
Totlights35 mins345 mins3Floor; Beam; Bars$49$50
Minilights45 mins355 mins3Floor; Beam; Bars$61$75
Spotlights60 mins375 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$69$82
Highlights75 mins475 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$77$82
Sparklers90 mins495 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$85$90
Moonlights60 mins395 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$69$90
Sunlights75 mins495 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$77$90
Dawnlights90 mins495 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$85$90
Starlights90 mins495 mins4Floor; Beam; Bars; Vault$85$90
Dynamites45 mins355 mins3Floor: Bars; Rings/Mushroom$61$75
Exploders60 mins375 mins4Floor; Bars; Vault; Rings/Mushroom$69$82
Rockets60 mins395 mins4Floor; Bars; Vault; Rings/Pommel$69$90
Neptunes90 mins595 mins4Floor; Bars; Vault; Rings/Pommel$85$90
Beg. Tumbling60 mins375 mins3Floor; Trampoline; Tumble Track/Rod Floor$69$82
Inter. Tumbling75 mins475 mins3Floor; Trampoline; Tumble Track/Rod Floor$77$82
Adv.Tumbling75 mins475 mins3Floor; Trampoline; Tumble Track/Rod Floor$77$82

Full Class Changes List

Below is a list of all classes progressional classes with changes. The table is ordered by day and time.

You can search or sort the table by class name, day, coach, etc using the search bar below.

Class NameCurrent CoachCurrent DurationNew CoachNew Start TimeNew End TimeNew DurationNew 4 week price
Beginner Tumbling Monday 4:10pmTim60 minsTim4:10 PM5:25 PM75 mins$82
Intermediate Tumbling Monday 4:10pmBrianne75 minsBrianne4:10 PM5:25 PM75 mins$82
Spotlights Monday 4:30pmTaylor Fenselon60 minsTaylor Fenselon4:10 PM5:25 PM75 mins$82
Sunlights Monday 4:30pmOlivia75 minsOlivia4:10 PM5:45 PM95 mins$90
Minilights Monday 5:00pmBre45 minsBre5:15 PM6:10 PM55 mins$75
Neptunes Monday 5:25pmTim90 minsTim5:30 PM7:05 PM95 mins$90
Highlights Monday 5:25pmTaylor Ashby75 minsTaylor Ashby5:40 PM6:55 PM75 mins$82
Starlights Monday 5:30pmBrianne90 minsBrianne5:30 PM7:05 PM95 mins$90
Sunlights Monday 5:40pmTaylor Fenselon75 minsTaylor Fenselon5:30 PM7:05 PM95 mins$90
Spotlights Monday 5:55pmVictoria60 minsVictoria5:40 PM6:55 PM75 mins$82
Moonlights Monday 5:55pmOlivia60 minsOlivia5:50 PM7:25 PM95 mins$90
Totlights Tuesday 9:15amJim35 minsJim9:10 AM9:55 AM45 mins$50
Minilights Tuesday 9:55amJim45 minsJim10:00 AM10:55 AM55 mins$75
Exploders Tuesday 4:10pmCorbyn60 minsDavid4:10 PM5:25 PM75 mins$82
Spotlights Tuesday 4:10pmJim60 minsLillian4:10 PM5:25 PM75 mins$82
Moonlights Tuesday 4:10pmTaylor Fenselon60 minsTaylor Fenselon4:10 PM5:45 PM95 mins$90
Dawnlights Tuesday 4:10pmTaylor Ashby90 minsTaylor Ashby4:10 PM5:45 PM95 mins$90
Beginner Tumbling Tuesday 5:15pmJim60 minsLillian5:30 PM6:45 PM75 mins$82
Highlights Tuesday 5:15pmTaylor Fenselon75 minsTaylor Ashby5:55 PM7:10 PM75 mins$82
Rockets Tuesday 5:20pmCorbyn60 minsDavid5:30 PM7:05 PM95 mins$90
Minilights Tuesday 5:30pmAllison45 minsAllison5:15 PM6:10 PM55 mins$75
Highlights Tuesday 5:45pmTaylor Ashby75 minsTaylor Ashby5:55 PM7:10 PM75 mins$82
Comets Tuesday 6:15 pmBre120 minsBre6:25 PM8:25 PM120 mins$115
Neptunes Tuesday 6:20pmMike60 minsMike6:10 PM7:45 PM95 mins$90
Totlights Tuesday 6:20pmAllison35 minsAllison6:20 PM7:05 PM45 mins$50
Spotlights Tuesday 6:35pmTaylor Fenselon60 minsTaylor Fenselon5:55 PM7:10 PM75 mins$82
Sunlights Tuesday 7:00pmAllison75 minsLillian6:50 PM8:25 PM95 mins$90
Exploders Wednesday 9:00amJudah60 minsJudah8:55 AM10:10 AM75 mins$82
Totlights Wednesday 10:05amJudah35 minsJudah10:15 AM11:00 AM45 mins$50
Sparklers Wednesday 4:15pmTaylor Ashby90 minsTaylor Ashby4:15 PM5:50 PM95 mins$90
Spotlights Wednesday 4:15pmOlivia60 minsOlivia4:25 PM5:40 PM75 mins$82
Moonlights Wednesday 4:30pmEmma60 minsStephanie4:15 PM5:50 PM95 mins$90
Beginner Tumbling Wednesday 5:00pmTim60 minsTim4:35 PM5:50 PM75 mins$82
Dynamites Wednesday 5:15pmJudah45 minsJudah5:15 PM6:10 PM55 mins$75
Minilights Wednesday 5:20pmOlivia45 minsOlivia5:45 PM6:40 PM55 mins$75
Sunlights Wednesday 5:40pmEmma75 minsLisa5:15 PM6:50 PM95 mins$90
Minilights Wednesday 5:50pmTaylor Ashby45 minsStephanie6:00 PM6:55 PM55 mins$75
Beginner Tumbling Wednesday 6:05pmTim60 minsTim5:55 PM7:10 PM75 mins$82
Spotlights Wednesday 6:10pmOlivia60 minsTaylor Ashby5:55 PM7:10 PM75 mins$82
Dawnlights Wednesday 7:00pmEmma90 minsOlivia6:55 PM8:30 PM95 mins$90
Starlights Wednesday 7:00pmNikki90 minsRiley6:55 PM8:30 PM95 mins$90
Advanced Tumbling Wednesday 7:05pmTim75 minsTim7:15 PM8:30 PM75 mins$82
Minilights Thursday 1:15pmJim45 minsJim1:05 PM2:00 PM55 mins$75
Spotlights Thursday 1:15pmJudah60 minsJudah1:15 PM2:30 PM75 mins$82
HS Dawnlights/Starlights Thursday 2:15pmJim & Bre90 minsJim2:10 PM3:45 PM95 mins$82
HS Rockets Thursday 2:45pmTim60 minsTim2:10 PM3:45 PM95 mins$82
HS Moonlights/Sunlights Thursday 2:45pmBrianne60 minsTBA2:10 PM3:45 PM95 mins$82
Junior HS Thursday 2:45pmJim60 minsBre2:30 PM3:45 PM75 mins$75
Exploders Thursday 4:00pmJudah60 minsLarry4:00 PM5:15 PM75 mins$82
Rockets Thursday 4:00 pmTim60 minsTim4:00 PM5:35 PM95 mins$90
Comets Thursday 4:10pmJim120 minsJim4:15 PM6:15 PM120 mins$115
Moonlights Thursday 4:15pmBrianne60 minsLillian4:20 PM5:55 PM95 mins$90
Minilights Thursday 5:15pmOlivia45 minsOlivia5:20 PM6:15 PM55 mins$75
Dynamites Thursday 5:15pmTim45 minsLarry5:20 PM6:15 PM55 mins$75
Spotlights Thursday 5:20pmBrianne60 minsLisa5:30 PM6:45 PM75 mins$82
Spotlights Thursday 6:10pmOlivia60 minsOlivia6:30 PM7:45 PM75 mins$82
Minilights Thursday 6:25pmBrianne45 minsLillian6:05 PM7:00 PM55 mins$75
Totlights Thursday 6:25pmJim35 minsJim6:25 PM7:10 PM45 mins$50
Beginner Tumbling Thursday 7:00pmAndrew60 minsAndrew6:40 PM7:55 PM75 mins$82
Sunlights Thursday 7:15pmOlivia75 minsLisa7:00 PM8:35 PM95 mins$90
Dawnlights Thursday 7:15pmBrianne90 minsLillian7:00 PM8:35 PM95 mins$90
Intermediate Tumbling Thursday 7:15pmTim75 minsTim7:20 PM8:35 PM75 mins$82
Advanced Tumbling Thursday 7:15pmJim75 minsJim7:20 PM8:35 PM75 mins$82
Moonlights Friday 5:20pmOlivia60 minsJim4:05 PM5:40 PM95 mins$90
Exploders Friday 6:00pmJudah60 minsJudah5:45 PM7:00 PM75 mins$82
Rockets Friday 6:00pmJustin60 minsJim5:45 PM7:20 PM95 mins$90
Sunlights Saturday 8:55amOlivia75 minsOlivia8:55 AM10:30 AM95 mins$90
Minilights Saturday 9:00am BAllison45 minsAllison8:55 AM9:50 AM55 mins$75
Minilights Saturday 9:00amJim45 minsJim8:55 AM9:50 AM55 mins$75
Exploders Saturday 9:05amJustin60 minsJustin9:05 AM10:20 AM75 mins$82
Spotlights Saturday 9:55am BAllison60 minsAllison10:05 AM11:20 AM75 mins$82
Spotlights Saturday 9:55amJim60 minsJim10:05 AM11:20 AM75 mins$82
Rockets Saturday 10:10amJustin60 minsJustin10:35 AM12:10 PM95 mins$90
Moonlights Saturday 10:15amOlivia60 minsOlivia10:35 AM12:10 PM95 mins$90
Totlights Saturday 11:05am BJim35 minsLillian11:15 AM12:00 PM45 mins$50
Totlights Saturday 11:05amAllison35 minsAllison11:30 AM12:15 PM45 mins$50
Beginner Tumbling Saturday 11:20amTim60 minsLillian12:15 PM1:30 PM75 mins$82
Highlights Saturday 11:45amJim75 minsJim11:35 AM12:50 PM75 mins$82
Rockets Saturday 12:30pmTim60 minsJustin12:15 PM1:50 PM95 mins$90