Tyler Buck 1Four-year-old Tyler Buck is all smiles when he talks about the Exploders class that he takes each Friday with Mr. Andrew. “It is so good and so fun!” says Tyler. “I really like jumping, especially into the pit. Swinging on the bars is fun, trampoline is fun, and I really like running and kicking up into handstand.”

Tyler is equally excited to talk about his coach, Mr. Andrew. “Mr. Andrew likes teaching us. He teaches us so good, and I think he is a champion or something. He’s great at gymnastics. Plus, he taught me how to do a back hipcircle!”

Mr. Andrew is equally impressed with Tyler’s energy and hard work in class each Friday, as well as in Gymnastics League.

League is so fun!” says Tyler. “We do fun stuff, we play, and we learn new things.  Mommy, Daddy, and Emily come at watch my meets. I did a real good job and got a trophy. I have two gymnastics trophies now, and I put them in my room.”

Tyler’s mom Beth has seen the positive impact that Emeth has had on her son. “The big thing I notice is an increase in his
focus,” says Beth. “It’s Andrew – he doesn’t respond that way to most people. We are excited for him to do League again. He loves gymnastics, and we hope he keeps up with it.”
Tyler Buck 2

Congratulations to Tyler Buck for being named Emeth’s student of the month for March! Is your child interested in joining Tyler in Gymnastics League? The new session begins on March 17. Learn more.