Emeth Gym Pricing

Gymnastics, Tumbling, and More!

Emeth Gym offers gymnastics classes for children 18 months and up. We accommodate all skill levels! Pricing varies by class and is listed below.

Keep in mind that all prices and times are subject to change.

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

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Preschool Gymnastics for Walking Tots – 3yrs

40 minute class – $55 monthly

Tiny Tots: A ‘Parent & Me’ class (one adult must be in class with student). You will aid your child as they move through stations.
Mighty Tots: For toddlers ready to transition from their adult to a coach but not ready for the 75 minute class that follows.

Students develop the basics of rolling, jumping, and climbing independently. Coaches will demonstrate stations while teaching skills and assisting parents in Tiny Tots with their children to master the basics. Children are learning to watch, listen, and follow basic directions. This level is a great place to have fun with your toddler while preparing them for a class on their own!
*Many kids take a number of weeks to settle into the structure of the class.

3 to 5-Year-Old Beginners

75 minute class – $95 monthly

An entry-level class for girls and boys. Class is combined with Dynamites for boys. These children participate on their own. Basic athletic skills are transformed into gymnastics skills. While finding their independence and learning to follow directions and stations on their own, they are working on forward rolls, backward rolls, and cartwheel basics on floor and front support on top of the bar. Students are encouraged to begin practicing skills with good form. Students continue to learn to follow basic directions and perfect their listening skills. Boys will move into the boys program from here.

5 to 6-Year-Old Beginner Girls

75 minute class – $95 monthly

An entry-level girls class for students ages 5-6. Students may also enter this class by skill or age promotion out of Minilights. As students start to build strength, balance, and flexibility, additional skills are achieved at a quicker pace. At this level, we start to focus more on performing our skills with excellence. Skills practiced include backward rolls to the feet, cartwheels starting and ending in a lunge, and handstand basics on beam. They also begin to learn vaulting basics. The skills mastered at this level will continue to be built upon throughout their time in gymnastics.

4 to 7-Year-Old Adv.- Beginner Girls

75 minute class – $95 monthly

Must be promoted from Spotlights.
Developmental level. Children are challenged to try harder skills, to do skills correctly, and to finish skills in good landing positions. More emphasis is placed on details such as pointing their toes, landing in lunges, keeping their ears covered, and completing their skills with straight legs. Skills include handstands on beam, round-offs and bridge kickovers on floor, and sole circle dismounts on bars. We continue to work on strength and flexibility to help them master the basics.

5 to 9-Year-Old Intermediate Girls

75 minute class – $105 monthly / $170 2x per week

Must be promoted from Highlights.
Sparklers is the highest level in our preschool track. This is a pre-team level from which your child may be invited to join Emeth’s Competitive Team in the spring. Girls may choose to continue in our progressional program or move towards competition at this level. This level focuses on learning round-off back handsprings on floor, working more advanced skills on bars that lead into upper level gymnastics while continuing to improve their form and focus on each skill performed.

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Girls Gymnastics Classes

Ages 7 & Up Beginner Girls Classes

75 minute class – $95 monthly

These classes are for beginner gymnasts through advanced beginner level students.

Our beginner school-age level at Emeth Gymnastics. The recommended age is seven years old and above. Students will learn the fundamental skills of gymnastics such as handstands and cartwheels on the floor, pullovers on the bars, and vaulting basics. While students are working through basics on each event, they are also working on drills to perform their skills with excellence.

girl doing back walkover

Ages 7 & Up Advanced Beginner Girls Classes

75 minute class – $95 monthly

Must be promoted from “Moonlights” classes.

Students advance to Sunlights when all the basic skills for Moonlights are mastered. This level is by promotion only from our Moonlights class or for students who have “aged out” of highlights. Students will continue to learn basic skills on each event, including bridge kickovers on the floor, back hip circles on the bars, and handstand flat-backs on vault to landing mats. Students will also continue drills to perform their skills with excellence.

Ages 7 & Up Girls Intermediate Classes

75 minute class – $100 monthly

Must be promoted from either “Moonlights” or “Highlights” classes.

For gymnasts who have progressed beyond the beginner level. This level is by promotion only from our Sunlights class or for girls who have “aged out” of Sparklers. Students begin to learn more advanced skills on each event. Some of these skills include round-off back handsprings on floor, cartwheels on beam, sole circles on bars, and vaulting over the table. This level starts to prepare gymnasts for our competitive team. There is also more of an emphasis on strength and flexibility.

Ages 9 & Up Advanced Girls Classes

75 minute class – $105 monthly / $170 2x per week

Must be promoted from either “Dawnlights” or “Sparklers” classes.

Students focus on more difficult skills on all events. This level is by promotion only from our Dawnlights class. Starlights will continue to prepare gymnasts for competitive gymnastics, train them to become stronger athletes, or just allow them to enjoy the challenge of gymnastics. Students will start to work on skills that lead to upper-level gymnastic, including saltos on the floor, kips on bars, and front handsprings on vault.

Ages 9 & Up Advanced Girls Classes

75 minute class – $105 monthly / $170 2x per week

Must be promoted from “Starlights” class.

Our most advanced class level. Comets is by promotion only from our Starlights level. Because this class is the highest level in our progressional program, we are able to spend more concentrated focus on skill and character development. We spend time working on high level gymnastics skills and also taking time to think about the students goals for themselves. Skills worked on include round-off back handspring back tucks on floor, salto dismounts on beam, and flyaways on bars.

Boys Gymnastics Classes

3 to 5-Year-Old Beginner Boys Classes

75-minute classes – $95 monthly

Our Dynamites level is for boys ages 3-4. We teach these young boys how to line up, listen to instruction, and focus. The main goal of our Dynamite level is to help boys learn how to excel in a group environment and listen to instruction. We teach them the value of obedience and hard work.

We also provide a place for boys to be boys. They get to jump, swing and flip like all the superheroes they love!

Class includes character training, floor, bars, rings, and beam instruction. They gain strength, balance, and confidence while having a ton of fun!

5 to 6-Year-Old Beginner Boys Classes

75-minute classes – $95 monthly

A beginner level gymnastics class exclusively for boys ages 5 – 6 or for Dynamite age students who have mastered that level and been promoted. Boys will learn focus, patience, obedience, and gain the confidence they need to succeed while growing in strength, coordination, and balance. They learn basic skills and gain exposure to all men’s Olympic events through organized, progressive obstacle courses in a high energy, well-structured setting.

Class includes character training, floor, bars, vault, rings and mushroom instruction.

Ages 7 & Up Beginner Boys Classes

75-minute classes – $100 monthly

This class is available for beginners through intermediate level gymnasts.

Our Rockets level is for boys ages 7+ and focuses on strength and coordination. Your son will grow in confidence as our coaches work hard to make sure each boy is challenged at his level and improving where he needs it most.

Rockets is a great level to help boys prepare for success in high school sports.

Class includes character training, floor, high bar, parallel bars, rings, and pommel horse instruction.

Ages 7 & Up Intermediate Boys Classes

75-minute classes – $100 monthly

Must be promoted from the Rockets class.

Neptunes is an intermediate gymnastics class for boys ages 7-14.

In Neptunes, boys are further challenged to develop higher level skills on all men’s events and pushed to gain more strength and focus. Skills progress towards more impressive “tricks” as well as that which is needed to be at a competitive level.

Boys may be invited onto Emeth’s competitive team at this level.

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These classes are the same as described above. They are offered at earlier times as an option for homeschool families.

Junior Homeschool Co-ed ages 4-6

75-Minute Class – $85 monthly

  • Thursday 2:35 pm

Beginner Boys Class age 7+ Rockets

95-Minute Boys Class – $100 monthly

  • Tuesday 11:10 am
  • Thursday 2:20 pm

Beginner Girls age 7+ Moonlights/Sunlights

95-Minute Girls Class – $100 monthly

  • Tuesday 11:10 am
  • Thursday 2:20 pm

Advanced Girls age 7+ Dawnlights/Starlights

95-Minute Girls Class – $105 monthly

  • Tuesday 11:10 am
  • Thursday 2:20 pm
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back handspring drill

Beginner Tumbling ages 6-18

75-minute classes – $95 monthly

Beginner Tumbling is our introductory level tumbling class for ages 6 and up. This class focuses on learning basic progressions on trampolines, Tumbl Trak, and floor that will lead into upper-level floor and tumbling skills. Beginner Tumbling is good for any student that wants to start learning their back handspring or improve floor basics such as handstands, cartwheels, and roundoffs. This class can be taken alone or as a supplement to the regular weekly gymnastics classes. It covers a wider variety of tumbling skills and focuses more attention on spatial awareness.

Intermediate Tumbling ages 7-18

75-minute classes – $100 monthly

By promotion or evaluation.

Intermediate Tumbling is by promotion from our Beginner Tumbling class. If your child has previous gymnastics experience, please contact our welcome team for more information on entrance criteria for this class. Intermediate Tumbling takes the single skills learned in Beginner Tumbling and starts connecting them for roundoff back handsprings, front handsprings, and front tucks on floor. We continue to build upon the basics that will be used to develop excellent technique and form for the next level.

Advanced Tumbling ages 7-18

75-minute classes – $105 monthly

Prerequisite: Roundoff-Back Handspring on floor without a spot to enter this class.

Advanced Tumbling is by promotion from our Intermediate Tumbling or for any team students in level Silver or above that have their roundoff back handspring on the floor. Students learn and perfect higher level tumbling passes such as roundoff back handspring back tucks, front handspring front tucks, and twisting.

Open Gym

Morning Open Gyms

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 11 am – 12 pm. All ages.

$6/members – $8/non-members

  • Children under 3 must have a parent participate.
  • Children UNDER 24 months are free with another sibling’s paid admission.

Weekend Open Gyms

Fridays, 7:15 – 8:45 pm. Ages 5 & up.
Saturdays, 3:00 – 4:30 pm. All ages.

$8/members – $10/non-members

  • Every child MUST have a release form completed/updated every year.
  • Online forms available here.


Family membership fee is $50 annually and covers all immediate family members.

Students taking two classes simultaneously receive 30% off lesser priced class.

Sibling Discounts:

  • 10% off second child
  • 20% off third child
  • 30% off fourth child

Register your child at any time. Tuition is billed monthly.

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