Team Directors:

Emeth is thankful to have experienced team directors lead us in our mission of building character and pursuing excellence through competitive gymnastics. They provide consistent direction and oversight for all Head Coaches and athletes.

  • Girls Team Director: Nikki Arnold
  • Boys Team Director: Judah Arnold


Head Coaches:

Head Coaches are the coaches who personally work with each athlete on a weekly basis and design the training plans for them on the events they are responsible for. Head coaches are also responsible for communication with any other coaches who work with their athletes during the week. Parents and athletes are responsible to inform one of their Head Coaches ahead of time if they will be missing any practices, and to speak directly with a Head Coach if they have any questions regarding their gymnastics training.

Girls Team

Heather Leshovsky and Nikki Arnold are the head coaches for Optional Levels, they are responsible for designing the training plans and doing lesson plans for all Optional Level athletes.

Nikki Arnold and Taylor Prince are the Bronze and Silver Girls coaches, they are responsible for designing the training plans for Bronze and Silver levels and doing their lesson plans.

Miss Heather and Miss Nikki meet weekly with each other to review our training progress in all girls team levels, and they also meet on a regular basis for communication and training with the coaches who work with the team groups we are responsible for.

Rachel is Emeth’s dance teacher. She does dance lesson plans and training once per week with all levels. She also is our main choreographer for optional floor routines.

Boys Team

Judah Arnold is the Boys Team Director. Judah is responsible for designing the training plans and doing lesson plans for all boys athletes, he is assisted by Andrew Arnold.


Judah Arnold

mike d

Andrew Arnold