Emeth Girls Team

Parent Competition Handbook



Competition Etiquette


During competitions there are many other clubs competing along with our girls. We are all there to watch our own children and their teammates. We ask that  you as an Emeth parent please try to:


  • Represent Emeth in a positive way and speak kindly of other gyms around.
  • Cheer on ALL Emeth teammates.
  • Encourage your child to do their best regardless of the outcome.
    • Please don’t let your daughter feel guilty for not “meeting your expectations”. At  a competition, instead of putting focus on the outcome of scores or places, please focus with your child on things like having fun, showing respect and positive attitude to coaches and teammates, trying their best, and not giving up or having a poor attitude even when they have a bad day. These are the character building opportunities that gymnastics can instill and parents can encourage.


What to Expect at a Meet


  • Admission for parents
    • Whenever possible, we do try to include the admission costs of the meet when we hand out the competition schedule.
  • Check in for gymnasts
    • Your daughter will typically check in at a table near the admission area. There they will give the attendant their name and a number may be written on their hand. At some meets, gymnasts just check-in with their coaches and receive numbers from them.
  • How long to expect the meet to run
    • Please allow four to five hours from the start of open stretching at a competition for your child to be done and completely finished with awards. Typically, competitions do not take this long, but we cannot guarantee a certain amount of time. Teams will stretch, then warm-up and compete. Awards follow after every girl is finished competing in that session.
  • Pack a snack and water in their gym bag
    • Many times during a meet we do have periods of waiting. At this time, we will allow the girls to have a quick snack and drink break. Please pack healthy items and snacks that they will not spill all over. Water is preferred!
  • Wait period between competition and awards
    • After each girl on your child’s team has finished competing, we will then release your daughter to you. Awards sometimes are held in the gym where the competition was held, and sometimes in a separate area or building. Please be prepared to have some kind of a wait during this time.
  • No flash photography
    • At ALL meets flash photography is absolutely prohibited! When flashes go off it can cause distraction to a gymnast and could cause them to lose concentration and possibly hurt themselves.
    • No LIGHTS are permitted to be on while video taping.
  • What “Stretch” and “Report” or “Check-In” means, and when to arrive
    • When you receive your time schedule for the meet, it may have a “report” or “Check In” time and a “stretch time”. Report time is when you should have your child at the meet and checked in. Stretch time is when the team is permitted to go onto the floor and begin our stretching and warm-ups. We always start this as soon as the meet director allows us to, so if your child is not there, they will miss out on having time to warm-up properly and receive certain instruction.
  • Meet schedules
    • We receive meet schedules approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the event. As soon as we do receive these, they are posted on the website, emails are sent out and your child will receive a copy at practice.
  • Hair, Nails, Earrings,Underwear, Bras,
    • Hair should be neatly pulled back and sprayed down. Bangs should not be hanging in the face or around the eyes and should be clipped back. We as coaches should NOT be having to take the time to be fixing hair at competitions. If you need suggestions in ways to put your daughter’s hair up, please ask. Glitter is permitted.
    • All nail polish must be removed from fingers and toes.
    • One stud earring is allowed in each ear, no other jewelry is permitted. Temporary tattoos must be removed. Permanent tattoos must be covered.
    • Underwear may be worn but we require the GK underwear. Those can be ordered through the office. (A deduction is applied by the judges for gymnasts’ whose underwear is showing)
    • Bras also must be the GK competition type that can be ordered from our pro shop.
  • Meet formats
    • All meets have different competition formats that are followed, based on the size of the event and the location. The different formats are as follows: Traditional, Modified Traditional, Capitol Cup, and Modified Capitol Cup.
      • Traditional format:  Gymnasts will warm up all the events, introductions will happen and then gymnasts will compete all the events.
      • Modified Traditional format: One set of equipment is set up in the competition gym at each event. Gymnastics warm up one event, then compete that event, and then rotate to the next event where they continue the same process.
      • Capitol Cup format (very rare):  Gymnasts will warm up 1 event in a different gym (the warm up gym), then the gymnasts will enter the competition gym and compete that one event. Then they will return to the warm up gym again and repeat the process until all 4 events are completed.
      • Modified Capitol Cup format (Most common): Two sets of equipment are set up in the competition gym at every event. Gymnasts will warm up one event and then compete that event. Then they will move on to the next event and this process is repeated until all events are completed.
  • Awards
    • Awards follow the completion of the session your child competes in. Please be prepared to have a wait after competition ends. They meet directors do their best to start awards as quickly as possible following the competition.
    • Your child will be expected to sit with their team during the awards ceremony. Awards are typically broken up into age categories per level.
    • Each meet is different in how they place gymnasts. Some meets will place 100 percent on each event and all around. Some meets will only place 50 percent on individual meets, but will place 100 percent all-around and some meets will only place 50 percent on events and all-around.
    • When you drop your child off to us, once she is on the floor we are responsible for her. We will take groups to the restroom if needed or help them with what they need. Please do your best to not talk to your daughter at a competition until after she is done competing. This could cause huge distraction for her. After your child and the entire team is done competing we will release her back to you at which time, you responsible for her.
    • We as coaches will make every effort to have a coach present during each level’s awards ceremony. Sometimes this is not possible when we are limited in coaching or have girls competing in multiple gyms. we ask that the girls sit together as a team, behave in an appropriate manor using good sportsmanship towards other gymnasts and teams, and go up for their awards dressed professionally in their team warm-ups. (Pants and jacket on, jacket zipped up, and no leotard sleeves hanging out from the sides)