Optional Routine Deadlines, Music Sources, and Requirements:


The deadline this summer for Optional athletes to have their floor choreography completed by June 24th 2014. Emeth recommends that most athletes keep their floor routines for two years, as this allows them time to perfect their choreography and work more on developing the personal style and artistry that judges are looking for in their performance.

If an athlete is getting a new floor routine, music needs to be picked out and then reviewed with Miss Heather and Miss Janet, to be sure that they have selected something that is appropriate for their personal style. We prefer floor music from floorexpress.com. We have many demo CD’s at the gym. Floor music samples can also be listened to on the website.

Once an athlete has picked out music and had it approved by Miss Heather and Miss Janet, we recommend that you order the music through Emeth so that we can be sure we get their floor music in the correct length for their competitive level. Floor music is $50 from Floor Express, whether you order through Emeth or direct.

The cost for choreography with Miss Janet is $160. This includes whatever time it takes for her to complete your floor routine with you. She typically meets with a gymnast two different times for 1.5 – 2 hours.

If an athlete wishes to have her choreography done by someone else, Emeth requests that they discuss it with Miss Heather so I am aware of their plans, and that they understand that I must see and approve the routine and its choreography before the deadline.


2014-2015 Training Plan Outline:


Required Routine Clinics:  (Applying to Levels 2, 3, 4, 6, Bronze, & Silver) for more information click here

These are required clinics for Level 2, 3, 4, 6, Bronze and Silver team members for Summer 2014. Click here for more information about these required clinics

In these clinics, athletes will learn their choreography and routines for 2014-2015 Season.

    • Level 2:        Friday, June 27th    12:00-2:00 pm – $20
    • Level 3 & Level 4:     Friday, June 13th    12:00-3:30 pm – $30
    • Level 6 & Silver:     Friday, June 20th    12:00-3:30 pm – $30
    • Bronze:        Tuesday, June 24th     12:00-3:00 pm – $25