Llama team is currently in its fourth year of existence at Emeth. Our mission is to teach and train the Llama Team members all about what it means to be a great leader.

Llama Team is open to interested team athletes (or very advanced progressional students) who are 12+ years old. The first year of the program is about a once-per-month commitment. At those times, team members meet on Friday nights. They learn how to plan and lead a 30 minute themed game time at the beginning of open gym. After that, they receive a teaching from Amos on one of the seven Leadership PRINCIPLES that we train in Llama Team (Influence, Being proactive, Integrity, Priorities, Attitude, Beginning with the Long End in Mind, and Self discipline). Then they receive a teaching from Mr. Jim on one of the seven Leadership PRACTICES that we train in Llama Team (Lesson Planning, Making it Fun, Positive Role Model, Safety, Organization, Teachable Moments, and Communication). Finally, they have some game time where they get to have fun together. Throughout the first year of Llama team there are 9-10 meetings. Each team member gets to experience one night where they are the head leader of the open gym activities and they are responsible for planning, coordinating, and carrying it out under the guidance of Jim. At the end of the year, they do a review meeting with Amos and I, and then graduate at Star Watch.

The second year of the program is a weekly commitment. Those Llama Team members attend from 7-9 each Monday and learn how to become “Team Captains” for a group of athletes who are a part of League. Amos and I work closely with them on learning how to apply the things they learned about Leadership in their first year and carrying out more practical skills in how to coach and lead the athletes that they are team captains for. We go a little bit deeper into the teachings on the Leadership Principles and Practices of Llama Team, and of course they have occasional nights that are “fun nights” where we do team building activities with them.

The third and final year of Llama Team is where the members get stronger in their coaching skills, learn how to step up and lead an entire meet without me and Amos doing it for them, and learn how to mentor and encourage younger Llama Team members.

At this point, we are extremely passionate about the work we do through Llama Team because we feel it is a very significant way that we can carry out our mission of building true character into our athletes. It also benefits us as a program because by the time a Llama Team member graduates from their third year and are of age, they are well equipped to be hired and coach for us if they so desire. The growth that we see in Llama Team members over their years of participation is very rewarding!!