When training, it is just as vital for gymnasts to care for themselves outside of the gym as it is for them to work hard in the gym. During the summer months, it is important for athletes to remember to get proper nutrition, stay hydrated, and give themselves ample time to rest.

Dr. Josh Eldridge is a member of the USA Gymnastics National Health Care Referral Network. He shares five things that gymnasts should remember in regard to nutrition and rest at gymnastcare.com.

Remember a Pre-Workout Snack
Gymnasts need readily available energy in their bodies so their muscles and brains can be ready to give 100%. The pre-workout snack is your last chance to give your body the resources it needs to succeed and be fueled for the entire practice.

Drink Enough Fluid During Practice
Studies say that athletes should be drinking 10-16 fluid ounces of fluid every hour they are working out. This helps optimize the distribution of nutrients to the muscles and makes sure the energy processes are working properly inside each and every cell. This also offers the brain hydration so it can function at its highest level.

Drink Enough Water Throughout The Day
In order to maximize recovery, it is critical that athletes get plenty of water throughout the day. Water is the optimal fluid to drink any time athletes are not in the gym.

Eat Enough Good Food
Gymnasts need to be eating the following meals everyday:
Mid-Morning Snack
Pre-Workout Snack
During Workout Snack

Remember to Rest
In order to maximize training, gymnasts have to rest. Rest includes sleep, downtime, active recovery, and proper nutrition. When gymnasts rest after hard workouts, their bodies recover more quickly. The athlete is then more prepared to get the most out of the next training session