Emeth Resources

Resources created by and especially for Emeth Team parents and gymnasts, by Emeth. These resources are geared for Emeth itself.

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Team Information


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General Information

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Competition Information



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Talent Opportunity Program

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Hopes Program

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Accelerated Track Program


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Compulsory Level Resources

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Optional Level Resources

  • Optional Skills defined Defines the Skill category for each skill to assist in designing your routine.  It is highly recommend paring this link as well
  • Important Dates for Optional Routines. This page contains information about choreography as well.
  • Floor choreography information including music selection, and link to sources for music
  • Information about the Xcel program at Emeth
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Gymnasts Highlights

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Parent Portal

  • Make payments, setup auto pay, register for classes, and camps click here
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Emeth Gymnastics Parents Association

Web site –> http://www.emethgpa.org

Emeth Gymnastics Parents Association is dedicated to supporting Emeth Gymnastics and its gymnasts and families, financially, socially and emotionally.

Non-profit Emeth Gymnastics Parents Association has been formed and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The purpose for which EGPA has been organized and operated for the charitable and educational purposes of promoting amateur gymnastics competition and gymnasts.

 A.Promotion of amateur gymnastics competitions

 To promote the physical, mental and moral development of members who participate in competitive gymnastics activities;

  1. To encourage, assist, and support the development of a gymnastics program which shall include recreational, exhibition, and competitive gymnastics opportunities for participant members;
  2. To encourage and assist in the development of a sense of fair play, honesty, fair competition and true sportsmanship on the part of each participant;
  3. To provide an effective and efficient means of communication between EGPA members and the community, teams and gymnastic members.

B. Aid and support of the EGPA competitive gymnastics program

 1.Generate funds to:

a.Help protect athletes and their families from the high costs associated with travel to distant competitions.

b.Pay costs associated with competitive teams based on fund availability, including but not limited to:

 EGPA operating expenses;

  • Coach’s travel to meets, clinics, and rules’ meetings associated with the competition;
  • Coach’s compensation during meets and clinics;
  • Meet entry fees
  • Gymnasts travel
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Ohio Resources

More general resources for the Sate of Ohio, these are maintained by the State of Ohio USAG Gymnastics committee.

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Region 5 Resources

More general resources for the Region 5, these are maintained by the Region 5 USAG Gymnastics committee. These resources are geared for the region which consists of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

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USAG Resources

Resources produced and maintained directly by USAG itself.

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