Competition and Mandatory Practice Leotards

Dear Team Girls and Parents,

         It will be each team member’s responsibility to care for their leotard correctly throughout the season.  Please follow the guidelines below that we have found to work best.


Washing Instructions

—Turn leotard inside out.

—Machine wash separately in a large volume of cold water.

—Use a mild, gentle detergent that does not contain bleaching   agents, hydroxides or phosphates.

—Hang to dry.


Wearing Instructions

 —Competition leotards are to be worn to meets ONLY.

—DO NOT wear your competition leotard to practice.

—Mandatory Practice leotards are to be worn at each mandatory  practice before a meet and at any extra performances done        throughout the year. These leotards may not be worn at any      other time until after “Star Watch” in May

—After washing, neatly fold or hang your leotard in a place where it will not fade from exposure to sunlight.


*NOTE: IF a competition leotard is stained, bleached or

         destroyed, that team member will be required to purchase   a new one.