Get good sleep this summer!

Dear parents and athletes,

I am really looking forward to an excellent summer of good training as we move to morning practices next week. Below is a reminder of what your practice days and times will be.

I am setting an expectation for all of our Optional and Level 4-5 gymnasts to be in bed no later than 10:00 pm on each night before you have a morning practice this summer. The ideal amount of sleep for an athlete is 9-10 hours per night, so it would be wonderful if you are able to get to bed sooner than this, but in order for us to have productive practices in which you are safe and able to train to your maximum potential, I am asking you to strive to be in bed by this time.

Take this opportunity to become more disciplined about how to manage your schedule and responsibilities throughout the day so that you can give your body what it needs to become your very best!



Summer Practice Schedules:

  • Level 4-5 Practice Schedule: Monday & Thursday, 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Level 5 Only: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:00-11:45, ¬†Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Optional A attending 2x per wk: Tuesday 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Optional A attending 3x per wk: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Optional B attending 3x per wk: Monday & Tuesday 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Optional B attending 4x per wk: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45
  • Optional C: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs, 8:00-11:45, Friday 9:00-11:45