Dear Optional B, Advanced Optional C Athletes and Parents,

As it was reviewed in practice and in our individual parent-athlete training plan meetings, Emeth is raising the expectations for attendance at your level. As coaches we are very excited about the progress that each of you made last year and the goals that you are setting in this new season. I also know that in order to achieve your goals at this level, consistent training is imperative.

Whether you train 3, 4, or 5 days a week, it is very important that you come consistently so we can have safety and success. Your training plan is planned by the week, according to the number of days you attend. When you miss a day, we lose important pieces of what needed to be accomplished that week, including skill development, routine training, strength training, and injury prevention. Remember that you are to be at practice even when you have an injury – we will revise your training plan accordingly.

These are the expectations Emeth has for your level this season:

  1. 90% Attendance every month. (You must be at 90% of the practices that are part of your schedule)
  2. No more than 3 ‘Incomplete’ practices each month. (Incomplete means that you arrived late or left early)
  3. Informing me ahead of time when you will not be at practice.

Excused practices will not count against your 90% attendance requirement. Excused practices are when you inform me ahead of time that you will be missing for family vacations or for times that you are sick. Vacation dates should be given to me ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. The best way to communicate with me about when you will miss a practice outside of talking at the gym is to text me (440) 537-1522 or email me (

At the end of each month gymnasts will give you a report of your attendance. Anyone who falls below the attendance expectations for the month will be required to schedule a parent-athlete meeting with your coach to review why you had trouble meeting the requirement and how we will get you back on track. If this happens three times during the year, we will seriously re-evaluate whether you should be on team and training at this level.