[su_tabs vertical=”yes”] [su_tab title=”General”] Team members and parents are held to the highest standard of respect and positive attitudes towards Emeth coaches, teammates, team parents, and all other Emeth students and parents. If violations of respect or negative talk occur, a meeting will take place between coach and athlete, coach and parent, or coach, athlete and parent to discuss the problems that are occurring, express the standard of conduct that is expected, and find a way to solve the problem. In extreme cases, when respect issues or negative attitudes cannot be resolved and are becoming a detriment to others, an athlete will be removed from the team.

Team members and parents are expected to have excellent sportsmanship at meets. Please refrain from negative comments about any other gymnast, team, coach, or judge. Encourage everyone!!

Parents – Our goal in training competitive gymnasts is to build the character qualities of determination, endurance, and self confidence as we strive for excellence in all skills and routines. We don’t want our gymnasts to feel that their value is based on their score or the award they win or don’t win. We are very proud of them for working hard at practice and doing their best in competition, even if they make a mistake. Please prepare your athlete for the fact that they may not receive awards at every meet (many competitions only give out awards to the top 50%) and let them know that you are proud of their performance and the good character qualities they are building… not just how they score or place!

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Emeth will no longer be automatically closing when the local schools are closed due to weather. We will make our own decisions as to when to close. Our new policy is as follows:

If closing for the MORNING (Until noon), it will be posted by 8:00 am

If closing for the AFTERNOON, it will be posted by 2:30 pm

Closing info will be posted on our website homepage, Facebook page, WKYC Channel 3, and Fox 8.

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