Z and Kayla StateTwo more Emeth athletes brought home state titles from Columbus last weekend! Fifteen-year-old Mackenzie “Z” Bennington is both the Level 7 bars champion and the Level 7 all-around champion in the state of Ohio.  Z, who also is a coach at Emeth as well as a member of the Llama Team, began taking recreational classes at Emeth about twelve years ago. Her favorite event to practice is vault, and her favorite event to compete in is beam.

“I was so proud,” says Z. “I accomplished something far beyond what I ever thought that I could!” She credits goal setting in her practices for her success at the state meet. “Heather and Nikki had me write down my goals and we talked about them each month,” says Z. “They pushed me to reach the goals that I set for myself.” Z is thankful to her mom for always driving her to and from the gym. “I am also thankful,” laughs Z, “For my coaches and family always putting up with me!”

Twelve-year-old Kayla Benjamin is the state bars champion for Level 8. Kayla began taking classes at Emeth about eight years ago. Like Z, Kayla’s favorite events are vault and beam. She is looking forward to traveling to Bowling Green the weekend of April 19 to compete in Level 8 Regional Championships.

“It feels so good when all of your hard work pays off!” says Kayla. “All of the times I fell off the bar in practice were worth it. It just pushed me to do better.” Kayla is also thankful for her family, but she also owes many thanks to Dr. Evans. He is the surgeon who performed her surgery in the summer of 2012 to remove a bone chip that went through her cartlidge.

Both Z and Kayla are grateful for all of the support of their teammates and coaches. Congratulations to Z and Kayla for being champions both inside and outside of the gym!

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