About Level 2

Level 2 has a minimum age requirement of 5 years of age, and is the first competitive level that Emeth offers. Level 2 has competitive opportunities up to but does not include State Championships. In compulsory levels, every gymnast’s skills and routines are the exactly the same. There is no focus on individuality, but instead the emphasis is placed on training and mastering the core skills that lead up to the more advanced optional levels. Each successive level progresses in its level of difficulty.


JO to  Xcel Comparison
Level 10
Level 9Xcel Diamond
(7 – 9)
Level 8
Level 7Xcel Platinum
Level 6Xcel Gold(5 – 7)
Level 5Xcel Silver(3 – 6)
Level 4(2 – 5)
Level 3Bronze
(2 – 3)
Level 2


Junior Olympic competitions are conducted throughout the United States and are organized by the USA Gymnastics State and Regional Administrative Committees. Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members.

A Jr. Olympic COMPETITIVE YEAR is defined as the period from August 1 through July 31. See the complete schedule.



  • Handstand with legs together-step down to lunge
  • 1-3 steps – hurdle, round-off
  • Candlestick, lie down, push up to bridge – kick over
  • 2 (two) ½ (180°+180°) pivot turns
  • Forward Chassé – straight leg leap (60°)
  • 2 (two) ¼ (90°+90°) heel snap turns leg position in forward passé arms in forward middle.
  • Split jump, press to relevé lock position


Acro Preparation

  • Tripod
  • Straddle Presses
  • Back Pike Roll Down Incline Mat
  • Bridge Kick Over
  • Power Hurdle Cartwheel
  • RO Over Barrel


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Dance Preparation

  • Split Jump Complex
  • Pivot Turns
  • Heel Snap 1/4 Turns
  • Chasse´, Leg Swing Hop
  • 1-step Leap
  • Chasse´, Leap


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Practice Schedule

Level 2 gymnasts practice 2 days a week.

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Level 2 Coaches

Taylor Prince is the head coach for Level 2, Taylor Prince is supported by Nikki Arnold,  Anna Kimborowicz, Jim Leshovsky and Heather Leshovsky. If you wish to schedule a private lesson with your coach, please feel free to Schedule one


Highlighted Gymnast or Accomplishments


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