Girls’ Team: Our 2018-2019 Meet Schedule is NOW AVAILABLE.

Please use caution in reading the schedule.

The following are important things to note:

  1. We normally do not have the schedule available until August so there are a few things that still need to be determined (TBD). As soon as we know we will update you!
  2. The Buckeye Meet is NOT set in stone :) Buckeye (February 1 – 3) is not on the weekend we prefer (2/8-10). So we will either compete at Buckeye or we hope to find some “to be determined” meet on the weekend of February 8-10. This meet is for XS, XG, XP, Level 6-8. {Level 9-10 will be in Vegas}
  3. Please look for YOUR gymnasts level. Every level does NOT attend every meet!
    • XS – Xcel Silver (Jr. & Sr.)
    • XG – Xcel Gold (Jr. & Sr.)
    • XP – Xcel Platinum
    • Optional – Level 6 – 10
  4. The meet fees are subject to change because many of them have NOT yet been published. However, their due date is CORRECT!
Schedule here