About Level 4 First Year

Level 4 First Year has competitive opportunities up to and including State Championships

Level 4 First Year Team competes in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) competitions are conducted throughout the United States and are organized by the USA Gymnastics State and Regional Administrative Committees. Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs

The AAU COMPETITIVE YEAR is defined as the period from August 1 through July 31. See the complete schedule for the 2013-14 year.

AAU follows the same requirements as USAG for Boys level 4 gymnastics.

Practice Schedule

The level 4 gymnasts practice 2 days a week.

Click for a full practice schedule

Level 4 First Year Coaches

Judah Arnold is the head coach for all compulsory levels, Judah is supported by Mike DeCavitch. If you wish to schedule a private lesson with your coach, please feel free to Schedule one


 Meet the New Level 4 Boys


Emeth’s Saturn team has new members this season competing for Level 4. These enthusiastic young men are excited about being on team and are looking forward to the upcoming season.New to Level 4 this season are five-year-olds Bryce Hill, Dylan Conroy, and Wesley Anderson and six-olds Jack Tompkins, Grady Schultz, and Ollie May. They are split on their favorite events.  Jack, Bryce,  and Dylan enjoy the high bar next to the pit the most. “Nothing is more fun than flipping into the pit!” exclaims Dylan. Grady, Wesley, and Ollie prefer vault. “The best part about vault is the springboard!” says Grady. “It helps you jump really, really high!”One thing these boys all agree on is the awesomeness of their coaches. “Mr. Justin is a REAL gymnast!” reports Jack. “He competes and everything. It’s pretty awesome.””Mr. Andrew is strong too,” adds Bryce. “I think that he might really be an American Ninja Warrior or something.” All the boys emphatically agree with that idea. They also are impressed that Andrew can do “between 10 and 100 flips in a row”.These young gentlemen also report that Coach Judah is “so much fun”. They like it when he uses the trampoline to bounce them up in the air and then catches them.

Coach Aaron really likes us. Did you know he’s a COP?” asks a wide-eyed Wesley. “He says that we are the good guys.”

“Don’t forget about Miss Taylor!” insists Dylan. “She’s SO nice!” His teammates giggle and nod in agreement.

These pint-sized powerhouses are excited to start competing soon, and are working toward their goals. Bryce hopes the weather holds out because he likes practicing on his trampoline at home.  Jack is working on his push ups at home every day. “I’m up to about 10,999,” he says. Wesley and Grady are practicing on cartwheels, handstands, and v-sits before their first meet.

With so much energy and positivity packed into those little bodies, the Level 4 team is well on its way to experiencing much success as they complete in the Northeastern Ohio Boys’ Gymnastics League. Welcome to the Saturn Team, gentlemen!


Highlighted Gymnast or Accomplishments


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