Emeth’s Accelerated Track Program (ATP) is a special invite program that provides a fast lane towards higher level competitive gymnastics. ATP is created for girls who are progressing through Emeth’s beginner levels at a faster than usual speed. ATP provides a format and training that matches these girls’ accelerated growth by placing them  in a group of other athletes that are progressing at their speed. ATP at Emeth provides the extra practice time and coaching that your these girls needs to help them reach their gymnast potential.

For more information see our ATP team packet.


Selected students are invited to join ATP 1 each June for the next year. Athletes train in their ATP 1 group through May, and then either:

  • Continue for another year of ATP 1 (if still Pre-K)
  • Graduate to Highlights or Sparklers in the Emeth Progressional Program
  • Advance to ATP 2 (open to athletes who are 6 years old by June 1st)



ATP 2 athletes train Physical Abilities for their 7 year old TOPS (USAG Talent Opportunity Program) test and participate in state TOPS testing at the end of their ATP 2 year (June). Athletes learn competitive routines and compete in two or more Bronze (Emeth Team) level meets during the season. Skills in their Bronze routines will be designed as appropriate progressions for the Level 4 and 8-yr-old TOPS skills that they are training. Athletes train in ATP 2 for one or two years and then either:



ATP 3 athletes continue to attend ATP group practices for three early mornings per week. In addition, they join the Level 4 team. Training includes preparation for their 8 or 9 year old summer TOPS test (P.A. and Skills), Level 4 competition and training, and continued skill development for optional and hopes skills.



ATP Memberships

ATP gymnasts are considered part of the competitive team at Emeth and are active members of USAG/AAU.


Highlighted Gymnast or Accomplishments:


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