“Evals”, or Evaluations take place on the fourth week of alternating sessions. (Sessions 1, 3, 5 & 7)


During Evals, coaches are able to provide thorough, consistent feedback to parents and athletes about the level each gymnast is at and their progress.



The curriculum of levels and skills at Emeth has been carefully developed and programmed over 15 years by owners Heather and Jim Leshovsky with help from other experienced coaches. Each class level (Dawnlights, Exploders, Minilights, etc) is created with a curriculum of progressive skills that takes an average student a year to master. Students can enter a class at any point during the year, it is not necessary to begin in Session 1. No matter which session a student begins in, they will still progress through the practice of each of the skills required to reach the next level class and new higher level skills!


While we expect students to be in a class level for a year (8 sessions), some students will progress after a longer or shorter time. Why? Because we are focused on individuals reaching their potential through excellent achievement, not on forcing everyone to follow the same time schedule. We use evaluations, or “Evals” to test your student’s current skill mastery to make sure they are in the right class.

During Evals, skills are evaluated and scored on a scale of 1 to 5 by the teacher of the class.

The following is a breakdown of scores used in this evaluation:

1 –  This skill still needs lots of practice.

2 –  Student is progressing, but has not mastered the skill or still needs spot.

3 –  Student has done this skill before, but is not getting it every time they try.

4 –  Skill is consistent (can do it everytime), but form or precision could be improved.

5 –  Skill is performed correctly every time with good form.


Students must score a 4 or higher on all skills in order to progress to the next level class. This is because gymnastics is a very progressional sport- weakness in a lower level skill nearly always keeps students from achievement or excellence in higher level skills! (Just ask one of our high level athletes)

Evals are conducted on Week 4 of alternating sessions (1, 3, 5 & 7) so that class scheduling is as efficient as possible. This also allows parents to confidently register in the correct class for the following session during Priority Registration week (Week 5). Emeth informs parents via email if their athlete will be moving up to the next level class on the Monday of Week 5. All gymnasts receive their on-paper evaluations at the end of class time during Week 5 from coaches.

Remember, when a gymnast doesn’t move up, it does not mean that he or she has not made progress. It is important for both coaches and parents to notice growth during each session in the achievement of new skills, and further mastery of current skills! We also strive to reward the character of persistence in each gymnast as much as specific skill achievement. We believe character growth in people lasts much longer than physical skill!

Check out our Progressional Program Map here:

Progressional Classes Map with common student paths

Progressional Classes Map with common student paths