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STRIVE Camps are coming this Summer!

 Download a PDF Flyer of the camp details here.

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What are strive Camps?

  • Focused
  • Organized
  • Intense

[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]STRIVE camps will be  specifically catered to each athlete’s needs and level, training the skills they need for the next year. Highly experienced coaches and professional gymnasts from near and far will guide attending athletes in how to reach the goals they set. Expect to bring your best to STRIVE and leave better![/wpcol_2third_end]

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STRIVE camps are open to all gymnasts in the North East Ohio area! (Local host families available to host you!)

Optional Girls:

July 6-7 (Saturday, Sunday) 9 am – 5:30 pm

Compulsory Girls:

July 10-12 (Wednesday – Friday) 9 am – 2 pm

Compulsory Boys:

July 8-10, (Monday – Wednesday) 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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Gabrielle Douglas

What makes STRIVE camps different? 

At STRIVE camps we focus on YOUR goals.

We’ll ask you what skills are important to you and then provide experienced coaching 

and a motivating and fun atmosphere for you to accomplish them.

Once you register for a strive camp, you will be contacted by a camp director who will talk with you about what your personal training goals are for this summer. Planning for your strive training experience will begin! Three weeks prior to the start date of your strive camp, you will be contacted again to have your goals for camp reviewed & updated. You will also receive other special instructions for how to prepare for camp at that time.

Your STRIVE experience will include:

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  • Training: A progressive series of training sessions on each event with professional coaches who have already reviewed your goals in pre-camp meetings and have come prepared to push you towards your goals. Training sessions will build on each other, and will focus on drills, technique, form, and strength that are necessary to accomplish the skills that are being taught.


Emeth Star

  • Character Building: Throughout each strive camp, we will be focusing on a specific inner quality that every gymnast must understand and develop in order to be successful in achieving their goals. Better understanding of this quality will be built  through group review at the beginning of each session and inspiring reminders given by the strive coaches throughout training. The 2013 Strive quality is “Discipline”.



  • Motivation: Each strive camp will feature a special presentation by a gymnastics role model. Strive athletes will hear an inspiring story from a high level athlete of what their gymnastics journey was like, and how the quality of discipline was important to them. There will also be time for interaction with the camp role model, where athletes can ask questions and receive encouragement! Information on who the role model will be for each camp will be posted on our camp website as camps get closer!


Coaching & Guests:

We’re excited to have special coaching and guests at STRIVE camps this year:

  • Nina Dent: Nina attended OSU on a full gymnastics scholarship, placed first on multiple events at NCAA Regional and Big Ten Team Championships, has been a National rated judge for 18 years, has recieved awards for coaching, and is currently the Ohio USAG State Chair, and mother of three children, among other things!
  • Clare Heisey: Clare is currently competing with Kent State University, holds State Champion titles for multiple events, & has competed at Region 5 Championships multiple times, including a Third place title on Floor.
  • Diane Renzi: Diane is a nationally ranked judge who competed with Ohio State and has over 20 years of coaching & judging experience. She has trained many excellent athletes who have continued to high level competitions. One of her areas of expertise and her favorite event to coach is bars.
  • Sandy Sabo: More info coming soon…

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Dates & Pricing:

Optional Girls (New Levels 6-10 and Xcel Gold, Platinum, and Diamond):

July 6-7 (Saturday, Sunday) 9 am – 5:30 pm – $140/$160 Emeth Member/Non member

Compulsory Girls (New Levels 2-5 and Xcel Silver):

July 10-12 (Wednesday – Friday) 9 am – 2 pm – $125

Compulsory Boys (Levels 4-6):

July 8-10, (Monday – Wednesday) 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm – $100

All Athletes will receive a Free STRIVE T-Shirt with their registration!




***Local Emeth Gymnastics member families are available to host your athlete on Saturday night if you are traveling to STRIVE camps and looking for lodging. Just check the box on the registration form and we’ll get in touch with you with details. Feel free to email us here with questions as well.

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