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Next Sleepover: Saturday May 30 , 7:30 p.m. – Sunday May 31, 8:30 a.m.

FUN! 100%

Need a break for a night?

Most activities for your kids are just a few hours of free time for you, but an Emeth sleepover is all night!

We fill the evening with fun and energy releasing games & more in our 12,000 square foot gym! Kids get to enjoy the gym in a less structured format than a regular class time, and sleep in places much more fun than their beds at home (comfortable none the less)!

Bring your kid(s) to a sleepover at Emeth!

Bring your kid(s) to a sleepover at Emeth!

Saturday May 30 , 7:30pm - Sunday May 31, 8:30am


  • A whole night off for parents!
  • 13 hours of fun in the gym for kids!
  • Fun games and Open Gym time
  • A PG kid safe movie
  • Snacks (but no dinner!)

What To Bring

  • Your favorite PJs
  • A sleeping bag & pillow
  • Your toothbrush!
pajama boy

Members Price

$4000per child
  • A whole night of fun!

Non Member Price

$4500per child
  • 13 hours of fun in the gym!

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