Emeth Gymnastics Session III 2011-2012
January 16th – March 2nd

Character Theme Word Art

Character Theme:

Our character theme this session is focusing on yet another aspect of determination:
Finishing what you Start!

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Poem of the Session:

I will finish what I start
by completing every part.
Even when I’m tired or blue,
I won’t quit until I’m through![/column]

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Verse of the Session:

“He who began good work in you will carry it
on to completion until the day of
Jesus Christ.”
– Philippians 1:[/column]

A note from Heather

This session at Emeth, the quality we are focusing on is ‘finishing what you start’. This is an important habit to establish in life – one that brings more success and satisfaction into everything we do. Gymnastics presents many opportunities to learn this! Our smallest students are challenged every week to stay on the obstacle course their coach gives them and to FINISH it without wandering off or losing focus. Our most experienced athletes are also challenged regularly to apply the quality of FINISHING as they face more difficult obstacles. Just last month, one of our upper level girls was at a large competition in Indianapolis, and she had two falls in her beam routine. This was crushing, because she trains so many hours each week and has hit amazing beam routines at all her other meets this year. But she got back on the beam both times and finished the routine with a smile – and then pulled herself together to move on and still prove herself as a top competitor by medaling on floor with an outstanding routine. Seeing her do that made me incredibly proud of who she is becoming – and watching our athletes develop this kind of character brings real purpose to what we do at Emeth. Because they have the opportunity to participate and strive in a sport that they love, they are becoming people who will have the strength to succeed through the trials of life. Take some time to review our ‘poem of the session’ with your child, which emphasizes the quality of finishing.