Emeth means truth in Hebrew.

The goal of the Emeth Gymnastics program is to build and encourage
TRUE character in students of all ages and levels as they learn the
sport of gymnastics.

We believe that true character is something that is built from the
inside out, and refers to having the qualities that are necessary to
make the right choices in life, live with integrity, and conquer the
many challenges that life brings our way, as well as to help an
athlete able to reach their fullest potential in this sport.

We believe that participating in the sport of gymnastics provides many
opportunities to learn qualities that will last a lifetime and build
true character that will make a child successful in many areas of
their life, both now and as they grow older. We strive for the
atmosphere and training methods at Emeth Gymnastics to reflect this
priority of building up children in a positive way on the inside. We
do not feel that there is ever a time when it is more important to
achieve the outward result of a gymnastics skill than it is to build
up a child on the inside.

We value the qualities of discipline, structure, and excellence in our
training at Emeth Gymnastics and work to reflect these priorities as
we coach. We aim to demand excellence from our students and help them
find success and confidence as gymnasts.

At Emeth Gymnastics, we believe that true character is established
based on the principles of truth that are found in God’s word. In John
14:6 Jesus says: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life”. The
character qualities that we encourage and work to help children
develop at Emeth are always based on the principles of truth that are
found in the Bible. Each session at Emeth highlights a specific
example of one of these qualities, such as patience, sharing,
endurance, attentiveness, positive attitude, self-confidence,
encouraging others, diligence, and much, much more!