Living Room Gymnastics

Personalized coaching while you’re stuck at home.

Living Room Gymnastics

Personalized coaching while you’re stuck at home.

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Stay Active at Home.

Experienced Emeth coaches create fun lessons that help your child progress while at home.

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  • Simple, easy skills to practice and grow in!

  • A fun-focused activity for your kids (on their own or with you)!

  • Friendly, positive, caring coaches that want to connect with your child!

Fun & Easy

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CaringĀ  Coaches

Building Confidence

Strength & Discipline

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Top Notch Staff

Our coaches, welcome team, and additional staff are friendly, professional, skilled, and here to serve you.

Positive Atmosphere

The mission at Emeth is to build true character through sports. That means we always look for opportunities to build students up on the inside!

Gymnastics Now!

No need to wait until you can get to a gym. Start at home now!


Each week, we text you two short instructional videos with skills and tips for your child based on their age and skill level.

During the week, practice your skill assignments using your videos for help!

Before the end of the week, perform your skills and text a video back to your coach!

Your coach watches your videos and sends you back personalized training tips and progress scores with a video message just for you!

Along with your personal video response, you will receive new videos and skill assignments!

Living Room Gymnastics

$6000per month

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