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kenpo at emeth

Kenpo is an aggressive defense style of martial arts. Everything you learn has a meaning and purpose- from the way your fingers are poised, to how your feet are angled.

At Emeth we are focused on training True Character into kids through Kenpo.

What does this look like? Two examples are discipline and integrity.

Discipline = Doing the right thing at the right time. All of us need daily discipline in our lives to find success and fulfillment. In Kenpo classes we teach kids to choose to think carefully- to know what they are doing, and be intentional about it.

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Integrity = More than honesty, integrity is doing what you say you will, being the same person everywhere you go, and building truth into who you are. This is an important part of Kenpo at Emeth. One way we encourage integrity is to require written proof from teachers and family of students that they are behaving well at home and school before they are approved to test for the next belt level.

Kenpo also teaches Self control, self respect, respect for others, honor, and many other character attributes. You will learn about yourself, you will learn what kind of person you are, and you will learn to express yourself in new ways. The lessons learned in Kenpo can affect all aspects of your life.