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Man practicing kenpo

Kenpo is frequently taught as a form of self-defense. It is a fun way to be active and fit, builds confidence and self respect. Kenpo is an art, a way to practice self expression. Everything in Kenpo has meaning; from the way you hold your hands to the patterns and positions of your feet.


American Kenpo is characterized by rapid fire strikes and movements using major and minor strikes to keep your opponent off his guard. Kenpo originated in China, from Shaolin temple boxing. It came to Hawaii as Chinese Kenpo. Mr Ed Parker learned Chinese Kenpo from William K S Chow. Mr. Parker then used his master degrees in Physics and Geometry and applied them to Chinese Kenpo, creating American Kenpo. Mr. Parker was an influence in some of Bruce Lee’s ideas for Jeet-Koon-Do and vice versa. Mr. Parker and Bruce Lee were good friends. and Parker influenced Bruce Lee’s start in Television.


[su_row][su_column size=”3/5″]At Emeth, our focus is to build true character through Kenpo. The art of Kenpo Karate is a practice of intense discipline- in mind and body. We train our minds to think with discipline, to understand the need for kindness, integrity, patience, and other deep character. We train our bodies in discipline, strength, physical awareness, & control.


Kenpo at Emeth is not about aggression. It is about controlling your desires and fears, mind and body and focusing your energy towards right and positive goals and relationships.

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