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kenpo beltsOnce a Kenpo student at Emeth masters the skills of a belt level, they will be recommended for testing by an instructor. A testing date will be scheduled, at which they will display the skills they have practiced and be awarded the next belt if they show proficiency. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends to their testing.

  • Testing lasts approximately 20-30 mins for beginner belt levels.
  • The testing fee is $20.
  • Emeth requires students to be actively displaying good character and behavior in school and at home, as signed off on by a teacher and parent prior to each testing.


American Kenpo has a graded colored belt system consisting of White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Third degree Brown, Second degree Brown, First degree Brown, and Tenth through First degree Black. There are different requirements per belt depending on the school. At Emeth we teach the most common system of 24 techniques per belt. In addition to self-defense techniques, there is specific criteria for proficiency at each level. The criteria includes basics categorized by stances, blocks, parries, punches, strikes, finger techniques, kicks, and foot maneuvers. Beyond proficiency,  each student’s character is also analyzed as a major consideration in the promotion to a new rank.