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Emeth Is Now Offering Kenpo Classes!

We are now offering either once or twice per week classes! Register for a class and get two 30 minute private or semi-private lessons free!

Man practicing kenpo

What is Kenpo?

Kenpo originated in China, from Shaolin temple boxing. It came to Hawaii as Chinese Kenpo. Mr Ed Parker learned Chinese Kenpo from William K S Chow. Mr. Parker then used his master degrees in Physics, and Geometry and applied  them to Chinese Kenpo, and created American Kenpo. Mr. Parker is where Bruce Lee got some of his ideas for Jeet-Koon-Do and vice versa. Mr. Parker and Bruce Lee were good friends. and Parker influenced Bruce Lee’s start in Television.
Kenpo is a fun way to be active and fit. It builds confidence and self respect. But it is more than that too. It is an art, a way to practice self expression, and everything in Kenpo has a meaning. From the way you hold your hands to how you position your feet, and even the patterns in which you move your feet.


What Will You Learn?

Our Kenpo classes will focus on teaching the basics of self defense through kicks, blocks,  and stances. Like our other Emeth programs, we will focus on building character through this Martial Art. Self respect, discipline, perseverance, and mental discipline will all be a part of this program.



Classes are available two days a week, separately for kids (6-13) and adults (13 +). Register for either one or two classes per week! Check out our class times here.



We’re proud to announce that Tony Coladangelo will be instructing Kenpo classes at Emeth!

Tony has been involved in Martial Arts for 19 years. He began with private training in Kung Fu in 1993, and then joined a Kenpo school in 1995. In 1997 Tony began competing. In 1999, Tony was first place in Ohio in Empty Hands Kata, and ranked third in the country! In 2000, Tony was first place in the state again with a national ranking of fifth. He also placed first that year in the self defense competition. In 2001, Tony was 2nd in the state of Ohio, and in 2002 Tony received an invitation to World Championships in Dublin, Ireland.

Tony has been teaching Kenpo with Joe Doyle of Doyle American Karate Academy for 10 years. He is currently working towards his 3rd degree Black Belt

“I love Kenpo because it changed my life. It gave me a way to express myself, practice discipline with purpose, and gave me structure. I’m passionate about it and enjoy teaching others about this art.” says Tony about his years of Kenpo.

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