“I’m Kayla, and I am a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics,”

“I know perseverance, because I know that you have to push through even when its really hard and you feel like giving up but you have to believe in yourself and know that you can do it…”

Listen to Kayla


Kayla and her medal

Kayla earned a gold medal for becoming the 2012 Level 8 State Beam Champion!

Kayla’s Story:


Kayla Benjamin is 12 years old and has been been taking gymnastics classes at Emeth since she was 3! This year she competed as a level 8, was a regional qualifier and competed as a part of the Ohio State Team at Regionals which means her scores went into the Ohio Team score!

Kayla is not champion only because of her medals,


“One of my earliest memories of coaching Kayla is when she was 3 years old. She couldn’t say “excuse me” quite right, but would always come up to me, tap me on the leg, and say “Cuse Me, Cuse Me?” and then ask what she was supposed to do on a certain station. It was very cute, and it made me laugh  –  but she has  always been very polite, and always wanted to do things correctly. Those are some of the qualities that have made her into such a great athlete today”

Heather Leshovsky, one of Kayla’s longtime coaches

Kayla is a champion because of the character qualities she has developed.


“Gymnastics has taught Kayla the importance of focus and concentration.  When she is learning a new skill or a new routine at practice she has to be able to block out what is going on around her and concentrate.  This ability to stay concentrated and focused has shown itself when Kayla is doing homework, school projects or chores outside of the gym.  She has become a very organized person, not only with her belongings and lists of things to do but in her mind as well.”

Marijana and Keith Benjamin, Kayla’s parents. Read their letter they wrote us about Kayla here


Kayla on bars

Kayla on bars

“Gymnastics is best sport in the world because it gives you strength, flexibility, and mental strength too!” Kayla said while we were talking last week, “Gymnastics helps me with school because it teaches me how to work hard and succeed in my classes.”

Kayla is a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics


I vividly recall when Kayla had just begun her first year on team, and Heather and I were teaching the floor routine. It was a very simple section, but little Kayla learned very slowly and got frustrated to the point of tears because she wanted it to be perfect! I had to spend extra time with Kayla on that section while Heather led the rest of the group on to something else. This became something that Kayla had to struggle with for quite a while.

We laugh about it now, because today Kayla is one of the quickest athletes we have when it comes to putting together routines, and she performs them extremely well! But she had to work hard to become that way. Her love for gymnastics has inspired her to keep going and learn the patience and discipline required to get good at something that didn’t come naturally for her in the beginning. And another positive result I see from what she went through is the way that she helps and teaches her younger teammates today. She is incredible  –  there are so many times that she communicates and helps them with things in ways that I could never do myself!”

Nikki, one of Kayla’s coaches


Read the whole letter from Kayla’s parents, Keith and Marijana wrote:

Build a champion

A letter

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“Kayla on bars” image shot by Ohio Action Images
Kayla’s portrait  image shot by New Direction Photography

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