Gymnastic Classes for Chardon

Chardon Flips for Emeth Gymnastics

Chardon, are you looking for gymnastics classes for your child? Look no further! Emeth Gym in Middlefield is the perfect place for your child to build their gymnastics abilities and improve other important skills.

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Confident Kids

We help kids learn qualities that will last a lifetime and build true character that will prepare them to conquer the many challenges they face in life.

Influence You Can Trust

Our coaches aren’t just great gymnastics instructors, they are role models that partner with your family, building up each child in a positive way.

A Place to Belong

We help your child find success and confidence as gymnasts while building qualities that will last a lifetime as a part of the Emeth family. You belong here!

More than Just a Gym

Emeth gymnastics provides more than just classes to improve your child’s gymnastics skills. Our main focus is to build your child’s confidence. Confidence is not something that only lasts throughout your child’s gymnastics career – it lasts for a lifetime. At Emeth, we are building true character so that your child can conquer any challenges they face in life with confidence.

Our Team

Our coaches are more than just instructors – they are role models for your child. We make sure that our coaches are the right people to work with your family.

Chardon, are you ready to join the Emeth family? Start your child’s journey with a trial class: