USAG Competitions Photo Release

  • Photo Release Form for USAG Competitions

    Due to the new Safe Sport Policy that has just been put in place by USA Gymnastics, we are now required to have a consent form signed before professional photos may be taken of your gymnast at USAG competitions.

    Although permission to photograph your gymnast is required in our standard Emeth release form, that form does not specify that this permission also extends to photography companies at the USAG competitions your gymnast attends. To be sure we are taking the right steps, we are asking you to sign the form below before we give that permission to the meet directors of the remainder of our competitions this year.

    If you do not sign the form below, we will NOT give consent for your gymnast to be photographed by any of the photography companies at the meets we attend.
  • Release for Photography Companies at USAG competitions my gymnast attends:

    As the parent or legal guardian of the gymnast listed below, I consent to having photos taken by the designated photography company(ies) during gym-related events and competitions. Photos may be used for promotional and marketing purposes by the gymnastics club.
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