Never Taken A Class at Emeth? Come to a Free Class!

Right now first time students can sign up for one of our Feature Classes and come to the first one free! After that you can choose whether to register for the session or not! This offer is only for Feature Classes and expires October 31st! To get information or sign up,

Call 440.834.0800 and ask about “Feature Classes”, or

fill out the feature classes form below!

You’ll get to try a class free and the friend who referred you gets $20 off their tuition if you stay!

Earn a DOUBLE referral discount!

Emeth Families:

Earn a DOUBLE referral discount ($20 off tuition!) for getting a friend to register for their first time in one of our

Session II Feature Classes!

Do you have friends who would like gymnastics and have never taken classes at Emeth? They can sign up for a FREE class in one of our feature classes for Session II, which begins on October 31st. If your friend chooses to register for the rest of the session, YOU receive a double referral discount of $20 off your next tuition payment!

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