Full Year Seasonal Curriculums

Emeth runs classes year round. Most class times remain the same. We make changes as needed to offer the best range of class times possible. Our gymnastic skills and character training curriculums operate on a seasonal schedule. Spring, summer, fall, and winter sessions each run for a 12 week period. Gymnastics skill curriculums repeat each season, working through various skills each week. Character training (CT) curriculums include the study of eleven character qualities and run on a three year cycle. Courage, thankfulness, integrity, commitment, and service are among those covered during CT time during each season. See EmethGym.com/CT for past curriculums.


Self serve online at EmethGym.com/MyAccount, or let us help you by phone, or in person! There are no long-term commitments. Enroll and un-enroll at any time. Tuition is prorated in weekly increments.

Join anytime!
Request a new or transfer enrollment up to two weeks in advance.

Changing classes
You may transfer to any other class with openings (age & level appropriate) at any time during your enrollment. Any unused tuition previously paid will be credited toward the new enrollment.

To unenroll from a class, please send your request to unenroll with the future date of your last class. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. (Your tuition payment guarantees a saved spot for your student in their class, even if they do not actually attend class time.)

  • Please let us know why you’re taking a break!
  • Choose “Drop Enrollment” in your online Emeth account or mobile app, or
  • Send us an email at help@emethgym.com