Important News:


New Session Schedule

Student Evaluations take place on the fourth week of alternating sessions. Evaluations are then available at the beginning of priority week (Week 5) so know whether your child is staying in the same level or moving to another during priority week!

We give a $5 discount to all current students who re-register and pay in full on priority week  –  whether they continue at the same class time OR switch to a new one!

Here’s some clarification on Priority vs. Open registration weeks:

arrowPriority Week = 1) Your child’s enrollment in their current class time is guaranteed to you if you enroll in the next session before the end of priority week. 2) You may also enroll in a different class that currently has openings. 

arrowOpen Registration = 1) All spots in each class that have not been filled during priority week are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you did not re-register during priority week, you may lose your spot.

While Evaluations may seem to come early in a session, we have determined that scheduling them on week 4 is the most efficient.

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