LauraAlthough Laura Svoboda was never a gymnast as a child, gymastics was something she always wanted to do. She watched gymnastics on television whenever she could and supported a few of her friends who participated in the sport. Gymnastics came back into Laura’s life in January of 2009, when her daughter, Samantha, started taking classes at Emeth. Laura’s son began boys’ classes one year later.

Laura became an assistant coach to Ms. Dawn in the Minilight and Spotlight classes in 2012. She also assisted Ms. Nikki with Spotlights and preschool Open Gym. In September 2012, Laura began coaching two Spotlight classes independently. She has learned a lot from listening to and watching other Emeth coaches.

Between her time at the gym and her full time job, Laura doesn’t have much free time. When she does find some time for leisure, she spends it with her family. They enjoy traveling, camping, taking bike rides and walks, and having movie nights at home. She also enjoys shopping with friends.

“The kids are my favorite thing about coaching at Emeth,” says Laura. “To see a child’s face when he or she just achieved a new skill is absolutely priceless.”

When asked what she would like her athletes to take with them into adulthood, Laura replied, “I really want the kids to remember how much fun they had and how excited they were each time they achieved a new skill, even when they thought it was impossible at first. It is all about building their confidence and teaching them to believe they can do anything if they put their mind to it.”

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