Ayla started gymnastics when she was in preschool.

Ayla King has been a gymnast since she was three years old. She was a student in a preschool gymnastics class that Heather Leshovsky taught at Fairmount Fine Arts Center. Ayla began attending Emeth when it opened, where she competed with the level 4 and 5 girls’ teams. Ayla’s mom, Katrina, was an Emeth coach for several years as well.

Ayla started coaching in early 2012 and teaches Highlights, Spotlights, and Moonlights classes. When asked what she enjoys most about coaching at Emeth, Ayla replied, “I enjoy watching the kids finally get the skills that they have been working so hard to master.”

In her free time, Ayla enjoys singing and spending time with her friends and family. She is also involved in marching band, band, Cardinares and musical theater. Ayla spends time waterskiing and working with children at her church. Most people don’t know that she is learning to fly gliders.

Ayla hopes that her students always remember that they can build friendships and character while they have fun and push themselves to do new things.

Emeth owner Heather Leshovsky says, “Ayla is a great coach! She does a really good job of making her classes fun. It is not uncommon for me to see her kids laughing and smiling during class. She has a lot of knowledge from her experience as a gymnast, an energetic personality, and does well at communicating with her students and helping them understand the skills they are learning! “ (Register for one of Ayla’s classes)