Aaron GraleyAaron Graley is one of the assistant coaches of the Emeth boys’ team. When  Mr. Judah asked if any fathers of current team members would be interested in being trained to become a coach, Aaron volunteered. His favorite part of being a coach is seeing the gymnasts accomplish new tasks.

“They work hard and try so hard to do new things,” says Aaron, “I think I might get a little more excited than they do when they are able to display a new skill!”

When Aaron was younger, he wrestled and played football. Now a father of three children, Aaron is active in his church and is currently mentoring a young man for confirmation. Emeth is pleased to have him involved in our athlete’s lives as well!

Aaron’s had quite a few mentors in his  own life, his wife being his biggest influence. He can count on her for good and fair advice, and is inspired by the way she goes through life wanting to help everyone she meets.

Most people don’t know that Aaron is a self-proclaimed “education freak” who loves learning new things. He is currently completing his certification to teach law enforcement at the collegiate level.

When the members of Aaron’s team are adults, he hopes that they remember that they can do anything that they want to as long as they work hard and stay determined. Aaron says, “Our team members are disciplined individuals that push themselves every day. I hope and pray that they never lose these characteristics, because these are traits that will carry them far in life.”

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