Whether you’re working on pullovers or flyaways, we offer a clinic to help you reach your goal!

All clinics are Thursdays from 6:10-7:25pm

December 5: Junior Pullover Back Hip Circle Clinic

December 12: Beginner Pullover Back Hip Circle Clinic

December 19: Kip and Sole Circle Clinic
(Sparklers, Dawnlights, Starlights, Comets, Nonmembers Ages 7+)

100% FUN!

A focused time to work on foundational bar skills.

Pullovers, back hip circles, kips, squat ons, clear hips and flyaways – these are all important skills that require a lot of practice.  Our clinics give students the extra time and drills they need to expedite their progress so they can advance!

Junior and Beginner: pullovers, back hip circles, casts, swings, and conditioning.
Advanced: toe circles, toe hands, squat on, tap swings, kips, sole circles, flyaways, and conditioning.

  • Junior Bar Clinic (Spotlights/Exploders/Highlights/Meteors, Ages 4-7)
  • Beginner Bar Clinic (Moonlights, Sunlights, Rockets, Ages 7 & up)
  • Advanced Bar Clinic (Sparklers, Dawnlights, Starlights, Comets, Bronze, Ages 7+)

Get your bars skills!


  • Individualized time to work on your skills!

  • Skilled bars coaching
  • Drills for each step of the learning process

Member Pre-register Price

$2000*per child
  • *$25 day of the clinic

Nonmember Price

$3000per child
  • Become a member & get pre registry discounts