Coming June  2023

Back Handspring Classes

Coming June 2023

Back Handspring Classes

Imagine – a whole class devoted entirely to learning a back handspring!

Do you want to learn a back handspring – and ONLY a back handspring? Are you a cheerleader who needs this skill? A gymnast who wants more practice time to get this skill faster? Maybe you just want to learn it for fun and be the cool kid on the block! 

The Back Handspring Class is for you!

Girl learning a back handspring in class
  • Target specific areas to develop the strength and flexibility needed for back handsprings.

  • Learn the proper technique to perform a back handspring safely that wows both judges and friends!

  • Receive individual attention from a qualified coach where you need it most.

About the Class

Boys and Girls

Open to ages 6 and up. All ability levels welcome.

70 Minute Class

A whole class period to receive individual attention where you need it most.

Home Practice Ideas

Drills and exercises you can do at home to speed up progress.

12,000 Square Foot Gymnastic Facility

 Furnished with USAG-approved Olympic gymnastic equipment. Everything you’ll need to help you learn your back handspring safely and correctly.


In ground trampolines, Tumbl Trak,
and full spring floor. These provide low impact training and reduce injuries as you gradually progress through training phases.

Top Notch Staff

Our coaches are friendly, professional and skilled. They’ll take you through the correct progressions and technique to get you flipping safely.

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You CAN learn a back handspring much quicker and safely.

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