What happens when I miss a class?

Everyone gets sick or has a schedule conflict once in a while. Here’s what to do when you miss your class at Emeth.

Let Us Know

Tell us you won’t be here, and we’ll let your coach know!

Option 1: Schedule a Makeup Class

As soon as your missed class day has passed, you may contact the Emeth Welcome Team to schedule a makeup class.

  • Emeth offers limited availability makeup classes.
  • You may request one makeup class per month (per enrollment)
  • You may register for a makeup class in another open class day/time for your student’s current level.
  • Makeup enrollments may be scheduled up to seven days ahead of time.
    • We cannot save you a makeup space more than seven days in the future, because it blocks other students from regularly enrolling in that class.
    • Students must be currently active to enroll in a makeup class.
    • Makeup classes must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class.

Option 2: Makeup Open Gym Pass

The next time you’re at Emeth, ask our Welcome Team for a Makeup Open Gym Pass. You can use these passes at any regular age-appropriate open gym. This is our most flexible option!

  • Passes expire after six months.
  • Passes cannot be replaced if misplaced.
  • Passes may only be used for regular open gyms (not special open gyms or other events).
  • Passes must be requested within 30 days of the missed class.


  • Can I get more than one Open Gym Pass in exchange for multiple classes I missed this month?
    • Yes, there is currently no limit on how many passes you can get for missed class days.
  • What if I know a month ahead that I’ll miss a class?
    • You can let us know, and then schedule your makeup class once your absent class date has passed.
  • What if I miss my makeup class?
    • If you cancel your makeup class ahead of time, you may reschedule it if you are still within 30 days of the original missed class.
  • What if there is not another class time for my student’s level?
    • Some levels with very limited weekly class offerings may make-up in a comparable or lower level.
    • If there are no open other class times available you may take a Makeup Open Gym Pass instead.